Thursday, April 23, 2009


About PASS

The Public Administration Student Society (PASS) acts as a voice for student concerns and as the organizer for social and athletic events. Membership applies to all part-time and full-time students who are registered in the School of Public Administration (SPA). Our events traditionally range from academic presentations by professionals to skills development seminars, formal soirees, and extensive social outings. PASS is also externally focused through its liaisons with other Dalhousie Students’ Societies and with professional organizations, such as the Institute of Public Administration of Canada (IPAC).

PASS is open to all Master of Public Administration students and is composed of the following positions: President (2nd year student), Vice-President (1st year student), Treasurer (2nd year student), Social Events and Sports Coordinator (2nd year student), and First Year Representative (1st year student). The executive is advised by two student representatives of IPAC (one 1st year and one 2nd year student), two student representative of the Dalhousie Association of Graduate Students (DAGS) (one 1st year and one 2nd year student) and one representative for Part-Time students.

According to the PASS Constitution, our Mission is to facilitate and promote the development of professional and well-rounded individuals by encouraging the following:

COMMUNITY: Respect amongst students and faculty is viewed as essential for promoting cooperation, teamwork and developing an appreciation for the views and ideas of others;
PROFESSIONALISM: Interaction with public service professionals and participation in academic events are important for the enhancement of sound managerial and policy skills; and
ADVOCACY: Establishing partnerships with other student bodies, faculty and staff is vital to ensuring that the interests and concerns of all students are well represented and promoted.
Our Constitution further defines our Goals as follows:

To promote camaraderie among School of Public Administration and other Dalhousie graduate students; provide opportunities to interact with professors and public service professionals;
To encourage a balanced student lifestyle through academic, social and athletic events; To represent student interests and concerns to the faculty and the administration; and To foster an environment that promotes team-building and cooperation


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