Tuesday, June 30, 2009


So it's time to get groceries!...you have lots of options. The two largest grocery chains in the Halidax area are Sobeys and Atlantic Superstore. Most students who live hear DAL campus use either the Superstore at 6130 Quinpool Road or 1075 Barrington Street OR the Sobeys at 1120 Queen Street. Another great option ( for the folk out there with deeper pockets) is Petes Frootique at 1515 Dresden Row, just off Spring Garden road. Finally there is also the excellent Farmers Markey every Saturday morning on Lower Water Street...come savour the specialities of Nova Scotia.

In Nova Scotia, Beer, WIne, and Spirits are sold at government run NSLC stores. They are found through Halifax but the closest to Dal are on Quinpool road beside the Superstore, Barrington Street inside the Superstore, 5540 Clyde Street off Spring Garden, and 1120 Queen Street inside the Sobeys Store.

IF you want to do some clothes or supply shopping, find your way to one of the two main shopping centers, Halifax Shopping Center, Mic Mac Mall , Dartmouth Crossing & Bayers Lake Industrial Park. If you are looking for something more unique - Parklane Mall on Spring Garden has a number of great shops.


Now, once you've found the perfect place to live, you're going to need some way to watch TV and facebook stalk. Most apartments come with heat and hot water included in the rest;some even come with electricity and cable - BUT chances are thay you will have to pay for electricity and cable. To get power call Nova Scotia Power at 1-800-428-6320 OR if you are already in metro halifax simply call 428-6230 or visit the website at www.nspower.ca. For cable , internet and phone services , we suggest that you shop around! Usually there are student deals that come out late in the summer so be sure to get an estimate from all 3!
  • Aliant 1-866-4ALIANT or 425-42468 or www.aliant.net
  • Eastlink at 1-888-345-1111 or 453-2800 or www.eastlink.ca
  • Rogers www.rogers.com ( Not sure the availability across halifax , be sure to tell them where you live before getting estimates!)

Still Haven't Found a Place to Live yet ????

There is help available!! The first place to hit is Dalhousie Student Housing service : http://student services.dal.ca/ancillaries/housing/index/html. This site provides links to residence living as well as off-campus housing. You can also find a place by checking out the following links:

  • www.halifaxrentals.com/home.asp
  • www.444rent.com/apartments.asp
  • www.gorent.ca
  • www.kijiji.ca
  • Classifieds in the local newspaper www.hearld.ns.ca
If all fails, please do not hesitate to contact any member of PASS and we will help you out as best we can! =)

Thursday, April 23, 2009

Professional Development

Institution of Public Administration of Canada
Since our founding in 1947, IPAC has led public administration research in Canada and has exported successful Canadian public sector expertise around the world. Our mission is to promote excellence in public service and we do that a number of ways: through our prestigious publications, conferences, awards of excellence and knowledge networks. We are membership-based with regional groups across the country.

You’ll find this website an excellent resource whether you’re new to public service or an experienced public servant. Feel free to explore the site -- and the benefits of membership. Once you're a member, you'll be able to tailor this site to meet your needs and will have access to a variety of members-only services and benefits

Public Service Comission of Canada
Public Service is dedicated to building a public service that strives for excellence.

More to come..!


About PASS

The Public Administration Student Society (PASS) acts as a voice for student concerns and as the organizer for social and athletic events. Membership applies to all part-time and full-time students who are registered in the School of Public Administration (SPA). Our events traditionally range from academic presentations by professionals to skills development seminars, formal soirees, and extensive social outings. PASS is also externally focused through its liaisons with other Dalhousie Students’ Societies and with professional organizations, such as the Institute of Public Administration of Canada (IPAC).

PASS is open to all Master of Public Administration students and is composed of the following positions: President (2nd year student), Vice-President (1st year student), Treasurer (2nd year student), Social Events and Sports Coordinator (2nd year student), and First Year Representative (1st year student). The executive is advised by two student representatives of IPAC (one 1st year and one 2nd year student), two student representative of the Dalhousie Association of Graduate Students (DAGS) (one 1st year and one 2nd year student) and one representative for Part-Time students.

According to the PASS Constitution, our Mission is to facilitate and promote the development of professional and well-rounded individuals by encouraging the following:

COMMUNITY: Respect amongst students and faculty is viewed as essential for promoting cooperation, teamwork and developing an appreciation for the views and ideas of others;
PROFESSIONALISM: Interaction with public service professionals and participation in academic events are important for the enhancement of sound managerial and policy skills; and
ADVOCACY: Establishing partnerships with other student bodies, faculty and staff is vital to ensuring that the interests and concerns of all students are well represented and promoted.
Our Constitution further defines our Goals as follows:

To promote camaraderie among School of Public Administration and other Dalhousie graduate students; provide opportunities to interact with professors and public service professionals;
To encourage a balanced student lifestyle through academic, social and athletic events; To represent student interests and concerns to the faculty and the administration; and To foster an environment that promotes team-building and cooperation


Wednesday, April 22, 2009

Best Places to Eat and Drink in Halifax!!

According to The Coast and a few MPAers, here are the best places to eat and drink in Halifax!!

Best Place to ....
Pickup - The Palace!
Drink alone? - Tom's little Havana
DANCE! - Reflections Cabaret or The Palace/Dome
Get appetizers/ best decor - The Economy Shoe Shop ( best nachos!)
Get Thai! - Talay Thai
Get Indian - Currie Village
Sit Outside - Your Fathers Moustache
Fish & Chips - Phil's Seafood
Breakfast - Coras or Athens
Get some Late night food - Pizza Corner & Freeman's little New York
Get a Salad - Pete's Fruitque to Go
Have some Cocktails! - Bitter End & Fireside
Get some Chinese - Robie Food!... and maybe The Great Wall
Have Ice Cream & Gelato - Dio Mio
Get some Sushi - Hamachi House
Sports Bar & Wings- Bubba Rays
Beer Pub - Rogues Roost
Happy Hour - Split Crow
Donair - King of Donairs

For more great places to eat and drink...

Welcome MPA class of 2011!!

Hey Everyone!!
So PASS has decided to revamp the student society, and this is what we ( ... I have no website skills and apparently geocities isn't acceptable anymore??? so a blog it is! lol ) decided to go with! This blog is meant to keep everyone up to date with what is going on with PASS, be it social events, or school career events, this is where you can find the most up to date information!

For the incoming students, we are going to be posting as much useful information as possible such as where to rent apts, where to eat, drink, work and everything you will hopefully need to know about Dalhousie and Halifax!!

On behalf of PASS, Welcome Dalhousie MPA class of 2011!

Jared , Bronwyn, Julie & Reama