Tuesday, June 30, 2009


Now, once you've found the perfect place to live, you're going to need some way to watch TV and facebook stalk. Most apartments come with heat and hot water included in the rest;some even come with electricity and cable - BUT chances are thay you will have to pay for electricity and cable. To get power call Nova Scotia Power at 1-800-428-6320 OR if you are already in metro halifax simply call 428-6230 or visit the website at www.nspower.ca. For cable , internet and phone services , we suggest that you shop around! Usually there are student deals that come out late in the summer so be sure to get an estimate from all 3!
  • Aliant 1-866-4ALIANT or 425-42468 or www.aliant.net
  • Eastlink at 1-888-345-1111 or 453-2800 or www.eastlink.ca
  • Rogers www.rogers.com ( Not sure the availability across halifax , be sure to tell them where you live before getting estimates!)

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