Tuesday, June 30, 2009


So it's time to get groceries!...you have lots of options. The two largest grocery chains in the Halidax area are Sobeys and Atlantic Superstore. Most students who live hear DAL campus use either the Superstore at 6130 Quinpool Road or 1075 Barrington Street OR the Sobeys at 1120 Queen Street. Another great option ( for the folk out there with deeper pockets) is Petes Frootique at 1515 Dresden Row, just off Spring Garden road. Finally there is also the excellent Farmers Markey every Saturday morning on Lower Water Street...come savour the specialities of Nova Scotia.

In Nova Scotia, Beer, WIne, and Spirits are sold at government run NSLC stores. They are found through Halifax but the closest to Dal are on Quinpool road beside the Superstore, Barrington Street inside the Superstore, 5540 Clyde Street off Spring Garden, and 1120 Queen Street inside the Sobeys Store.

IF you want to do some clothes or supply shopping, find your way to one of the two main shopping centers, Halifax Shopping Center, Mic Mac Mall , Dartmouth Crossing & Bayers Lake Industrial Park. If you are looking for something more unique - Parklane Mall on Spring Garden has a number of great shops.

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