Wednesday, April 22, 2009

Welcome MPA class of 2011!!

Hey Everyone!!
So PASS has decided to revamp the student society, and this is what we ( ... I have no website skills and apparently geocities isn't acceptable anymore??? so a blog it is! lol ) decided to go with! This blog is meant to keep everyone up to date with what is going on with PASS, be it social events, or school career events, this is where you can find the most up to date information!

For the incoming students, we are going to be posting as much useful information as possible such as where to rent apts, where to eat, drink, work and everything you will hopefully need to know about Dalhousie and Halifax!!

On behalf of PASS, Welcome Dalhousie MPA class of 2011!

Jared , Bronwyn, Julie & Reama

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